Liberation Collective

New Orleans


Liberation Collective exists to create avenues of fiscal sponsorship, connection, development, support, and coalesce around the individuals who advocate and fight tirelessly for the liberation, justice, and freedom of disenfranchised and vulnerable New Orleanians, at all their intersecting identities.


We envision a New Orleans justice movement space that is driven, and led by those most affected by the problems we aim to solve, and united, despite different identities or views, around the idea of collective justice and liberation. We envision a movement space in our city where funding to move justice-based advocacy can be provided to all groups, projects, and organizations regardless of organizational status or formalization. We envision a movement space where groups who intentionally choose to not formalize under a non-profit structure are also seen as experts and are able to receive financial support. We envision a collective space that allows for individuals and organizational representatives to show up whole, be loud, and activate their bases together to organize for systemic change.


  1. We value lived experience over scholastic knowledge and affirm that those most directly impacted by systemic oppression at all its intersections, are experts and deserve to be respected, compensated, and upheld as such.

  2. We believe that sustainable system change requires us all, and commit to restorative accountability processes within our movement space to ensure that accountability is done in a way that holds each of us as members of this community as valuable.

  3. We value reciprocity and believe that we show up for those that show up for us when called upon to support our partners and comrades in this work.

  4. We value transparency and accountability, and as we ask that of system actors in our city, we invite our comrades, community, and constituents to hold us to those same standards.

  5. We work to intentionally center the voices of Black & POC Native New Orleanians, and honor the work done before many of us to be able to continue to fight for our collective liberation.

  6. We believe that a win towards justice and liberation for one of us or a part of our collective is a win for us all, and work hard to remove ego from our movement spaces.

  7. We believe you can come together to work towards a common goal with different perspectives, experiences, and opinions, and respect the need for diversity in our movement spaces. However, we value safety and will move through restorative processes should those perspectives, experiences, and opinions implicitly or explicitly cause harm to other members of the collective.

  8. We do not sway from our mission, values, or vision, and collectively agree to self-reflection and internal awareness to ensure alignment with our guiding documents

  9. Everyone regardless of race, religion, class, housing status, immigration status, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, education level, etc. Is welcome at the Liberation Collective table, as long as they are in agreement with these values and points of unity.